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IELTS Reading

The IELTS Reading Test has a time span of 1 hour. However, the test for both General and Academic modules would be different i.e. in terms of Language. Also, the test for candidates of General Module will be easy while the candidates for the Academic Modules would be a little complicated.

Test Pattern: The Academic Module will consist of three passages while the General Module IELTS Reading test will have five passages. However, the number of questions will remain the same for both the modules i.e. 40.Although the reading passage subjects are different but each one of it is of academic nature.

At times, a candidate feels a little hesitated and panic when they are unaware of the topic. It is important to note that every answer you give to the set of questions should be attempted in text form. You need not have to be any particular domain knowledge in order to answer the questions. The test is only conducted to judge candidate’s reading comprehension ability.

IELTS Reading Time Limit

In order to cope up with the time given during the IELTS reading test is to manage your time well. Many times, it is seen that candidates score low during their test is because they stick to a particular part/ section and therefore, fail to finish the test in the given time. It is utmost important to complete your test, as it will help you in score good in a particular module.

Candidates also waste their time in solving the question they don’t know. It is advisable to move to the next question in case you don’t know the question. Instead, you can better answer the questions that are easy to attempt.