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IELTS Listening

The Listening Test comprises of 4 sections and each has 10 questions. In the first section, there will be a conversation between 2 people and you will hear it. In second section, there will be a monologue that will be set on every social situation. Third test will consist of 4 people doing conversation on educational or training context. At last, the 4 section will again have a monologue on a academic subject.

In total, there will be 40 questions and at the end of each part, you will get time to go through your answers. You will also get 10 minutes to transfer your answers to the answer sheet at the end of the full IELTS listening test. You need to carefully listen, as the recording will be played only once.


The listening test of IELTS is conducted in four different sections that will probably focus on various kinds of speech. Look for the detail below:

Section 1: Consist of 2 speakers with a speech based on transactional dialogue or social
Section 2: Consist of 1 speaker with a precise speech on any general topic
Section 3: Consist of 2-4 speakers with a conversation on any of the educational or training subject
Section 4: Consist of 1 speaker who will talk on any general subject of your interest

What variety of questions will be asked?

You will be required to give the answer in your own words. Basically, this is just to count the correctness of your spellings. If you spell your answer wrongly, the answer will be taken as the Wrong answer and this will lead to negative marking.

For Example, if your answer is ‘hat’ and by mistake you wrote ‘hats’, then your answer will be considered as wrong. So, in order to succeed, you will have to put all your efforts to get through the test.

With rigorous amount of practice, your concentration and listening power will gradually improvise with the passage of time. Just be patient and confident in what you do and you will achieve your goals.